Entitlement Server for Adobe DPS

A powerful combination.

The possibilities are endless



Integrating direct entitlement into your Adobe ® Digital Publishing Suite application enables your existing print subscribers to access your content on any supported digital device. With direct entitlement, the publisher “owns” the subscriber’s account and contact information.


Single-service implementation supports the ability to provide content portability across multiple devices. For instance, a print subscriber to The New Yorker magazine can now have free access to the same digital content on multiple devices, such as iPad and Kindle Fire devices.


The Adobe DPS Sales App can functions as a repository of the most critical information that is now at sales teams’ fingertips. Sales teams have the latest information, and they can access content securely, behind the firewall, when working remotely and when newly updated content is available on the cloud-based Digital Publishing Suite system, sales teams receive immediate notifications.



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