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vjoon K4


Superior Multi-Channel Publishing


With vjoon K4 you can manage any content and serve all media. The system enables every team member to create a multi-channel story within any client providing different renditions or variants of the same object automatically. vjoon K4 allows content to be published for print, web, tablet, mobile, e-reader, social network or syndication – process driven and efficient.

Enhanced Collaboration


With vjoon K4 as the standard platform humming in the background, editors, designers and managers focus on their own parts of the publishing process without getting in each other's way, allowing writing, designing, photo editing and editorial review to proceed simultaneously and collaboratively.

Increased Efficiency


The process-driven method reduces individual errors and the overall risk inherent in any publishing process. On top of that, the system uses rights and roles to determine precisely who may edit or even view a document and when they may do so. Users can work in parallel to fast-track workflows and the many manual chores take no time at all once they are automated.


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