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Growing service and product complexity and increasing customer demands for high-quality service experiences are driving product companies to reevaluate their overall service experience. It is vital to establish an exceptional service experience for product owners, service technicians, warranty managers and other stakeholders. Unfortunately, today’s service organizations find themselves struggling under the weight of customized, aging information architecture or contending with silos of disparate service process tools that support a variety of disconnected information sources


PTC Service Centre provides the industry's first product-centric, web-based service information delivery system.



Enterprise platform that can support more than 30,000 concurrent users, averaging 90-minute sessions, across the globe with 24-hour access.

User interface

PTC Service Center is flexible and configurable to support custom branding and specific user experiences.

Java-based, Web-based Information Delivery Platform

The system provides hosted (online), disconnected (offline) and mobile access to direct service workers and dealer networks, as well as individual owners/operators.


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